Fall 2015

Sebastian Coppotelli

sebby writewrite

Hello. My name is Sebastian.  I am a senior English major at Avery Point.  I like lots of things but I dislike just as many.  In my spare time I play guitar and bass in local bands, work as a cook at 2wives in New London and make bad jokes as often as I can.  Someday I would like to get paid to write, but in the meantime I will stress myself out doing it for free.

Amanda Baule


My name is Amanda Baule. I am a math and history nerd who also enjoys a good book. I am a non-traditional student graduating in Spring 2016.

Dana Lewis


My name is Dana, currently an undergraduate in Maritime Studies at UConn, Avery Point. I worked as a merchant marine for the first ten years of my adult life and still have valid credentials to sail. While I have always enjoyed life on the water as a fisherman, sailing on ships and tug boats for a living did not fulfill me. This experience coupled with my maritime education will hopefully lead to new endeavors.

Hudson Rollinson


My name is Hudson; I am currently a Master’s student in Anthropology at UConn. I completed my undergraduate degree in English and History at UConn in 2014. In Anthropology, I am studying the human relationship with fiction and narrative. One day I hope to be paid to create works of fiction, movies or novels in particular. For now, I settle for trying to figure out why people are so drawn to stories.